Don't mail your CD to Radio! Upload your song to AirplayAccess!

Why artists/labels use AirplayAccess?
  No postage expenses (saving you over $5000).
  No more waiting for radio to receive your CD
  Cut CD manufacturing costs to ZERO.
Tracked 24/7. Real-time tracking to view who and how many times a release has been downloaded.
Integrated with radio industry's leading STS system.
AirplayAccess maximizes your music by sending out a press release announcing its availability.
View charting sections and see which songs are most popular.
Your song is available to radio for a minimum of three months (if you song charts, it will remain indefinitely).
Enya mp3 album and winter came
Maroon 5 - Daylight
Fun - Carry On
Sean Osborne - Simple Days
Pink - Try
Taylor Swift - 22

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SIGN UP: Submit your music to radio programmers worldwide, including syndicated radio shows and record pools.

SUBMIT: We submit your music and send a press release to radio stations annoucing its availabilty.

EXPOSURE: Get exposed to radio stations, syndicated radio shows and listeners.

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Gwen Seffani

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